Looking Back: The California Coast Part I

Ok. So. After a day of solid inspiration at Semi-Permanent I am feeling particularly motivated by Andrew Quilty's amazing photography work, so tonight I feel compelled to pick up where I left off in my little looking back series of posts. This latest one is part of what I assume could be quite a few posts solely devoted to our time spent driving a van along the California coast (seriously, I highly recommend  it if you ever get the chance). This first part sees the departure from LA bound for San Diego, where we had a great day checking out the wonderful animals at the zoo, and some time hanging out in the gaslamp district. After going from a trio to a duo, we began the drive back up through the OC (!!), including Huntington & Laguna Beaches. Then there was a bit of San Luis Obispo, every other little place we could stop off at, and then a hit of the Big Sur just before our first stop in San Francisco. Yes. Our first stop. Get comfy my pretty's, this could take while...

only one more sleep...

...till Semi-Permanent! And here's a fun fact: it's one of the only wishlist items that has actually come true! So tonight I'm actually wishing for nothing really... Aaand I am in the wonderfully fortunate position of having four days off. But what is a Wednesday without a wishlist I hear you ask? ...well, it's probably a Tuesday... or Thursday even... point being, I've still got my eye on at least a few things, when there is so much loveliness out there, how can I not?!

1. Chevron Mug 2. Hand Woven Beaded Friendship Bracelet 3. Gorman Praise the Sun Dress 4. I Miss Being a Small Girl, Silk Scarf 5. Coral Vintage Tea Cups

PS: I think it's quite probable that each wishlist from now on will feature something from Gorman's latest (and upcoming) collections... I really am a broken record that physically cannot stop sharing my undying love for the brand.

Introducing: the DAISY SEE project

Happy Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning everybody!
Yes, I know it may be a little too early for some of you for so much happiness, however I have a completely legitimate reason... So. Raise the curtain, cut the ribbon and smash that champagne peeps - after a few weeks/months of planning and preparation, I've decided to finally let my little part of the world wide web in on a bit of news...

I'm creating a collection of one-of-a-kind chiffon scarves! And I'm calling it 'the DAISY SEE project'! (but really, if all goes well, {and people don't use them as tea towels} it won't just be a one-off project... it will become all that is DAISY SEE... how poetic!?)
So yes, I've always loved doodling despite never being much of a pro-artist, and my motivation to translate all these scribbles into something a bit more fun (and the fact that you can really never have too many scarves) just bubbled over one day not long ago... So, get ready minions, for in the coming weeks DAISY SEE will cease to be just a few words and pictures on your screen... and will become something you can, like, totally accessorise with your latest outfit, or even just tie together to make a skipping rope.

I posted this sneak peek on Instagram last week when I had a strike-off print done, and now that the files have boarded their noble vessel (HMAS USB) and are en-route down south, I felt the time was right.

Be sure to follow herehere & here for all upcoming news. And for even more of the new DAISY SEE creative endeavours, be sure to visit the Suitcase Rummage this Saturday in Brisbane City. You may even be able to haggle yourself a good price for a pair of these babies (expert haggling not guaranteed).

PS: To those of you that have followed along so far, I'd like to just say a quick thank you - I really hope I can continue to call you my 'minions/peeps' for many years to come

Sunday Sounds: Clare Bowditch

Oh hey!
So this eve I'm psyching myself up for next weekend's Red Deer Festival out at Samford. It's pretty much the ideal festival. Around the corner (well, not exactly...) and BYO. Seriously. Amongst all the festivals out there with strict alcohol policies I'm so glad that there is finally someone out there willing to acknowledge that most of us are out for a fun yet relaxing festival experience. All that 'party party' business can get a bit much sometimes, right grandma?
Aaanyway, one of my long time loves has been Clare Bowditch (no, not because her parents blessed her with a pretty decent name..) and hooray for me, she's playing next weekend! I've no idea what she's been up to lately, but a few years ago when I was more in tune with Aussie musicians, I was a super big fan of this song. I'll have to get on the google and see what she's up to, besides being awesome and having a good looking guitarist...

the wonders of ship & shape

Evening! I've just stumbled across a visual feast for you to digest this Thursday... check it out: Ship & Shape is the perfect amalgamation of beautiful design, photography & some pretty clever creatives. AND their goods are bloody top notch mate! Get it in ya!


...and good eeevening!
I'm feeling a 'oui' bit french this eve after returning home from the premiere of Monsieur Lazhar... and it was all thanks a bit of luck and the Weekend Edition! It was such a nice surprise for the middle of the week, and it definitely made me long for a trip overseas and all things French/Parisian. Aaaanyway, aside from that, I'm still obsessed with Gorman. Seriously, we are soulmates. I quickly stopped by this eve en route (oui oui! so french!) to the film, and now have my eye on a handful of things, I think I'm going to set up a Gorman fund, feel free to donate peeps.

1. Gorman Molly Wedge 2. Vintage Slouchy Sweater 3. Gorman Ashley Spot Dress 4. Karen Walker Eyewear 5. Red Heart Ceramic Ring

Sunday Sounds: The Bee Gees

Some sounds to carry you off to the land of nod this Sunday eve. I hope you've all had wonderful weekends!

PS: Those of you that know me and actually read this blog would probably be quite surprised to discover this is the first time I've linked The Brothers Gibb...

Home DIY: a stencilled bed side table

Hello hello! I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

Don't you think there really is something pretty great about being able to spend your time doing exactly what you wish? For me that meant that yesterday I finally visited GOMA (my first visit since arriving back to Australia {eight months ago! aah!}), and so far today I have squandered my time doodling on shoes (follow me on instagram for a few sneak {pun!} peeks - @cjjd). 

But a few months ago, I'd like to think I was a bit more productive than I have been today, as I spent my entire Sunday doing a bit of room related DIY. Inspired by stencilled furniture and my love for geometric shapes (and motivated by the fact that the addition of new floorboards has resulted in an overload of timber in my room), I decided to have a go at updating my bed side table. Thankfully having a Dad with a shed full of supplies meant that I didn't have to go out and buy anything! I tried to take a few photos as I went, but don't consider this a tutorial (although what I did was so simple anyone could have a go!)... it's probably more of a narrative... a story to be told... with a cliffhanger at the end... get comfy now.

So I began with this (yeah, I forgot to take a photo of it all together). I think it was offloaded with its siblings to my Mum decades ago and I had never thought to do anything with it (surprisingly), until now. I thought I would start small, just paint the draws and see how I go, and I haven't actually gone any further, yet...

After a good hour of sanding to try and get the horrible varnish off, I set to making the 'stencil'. I printed it out and cut the shape out of a few pieces of cardboard I found around the house (I learnt later that it probably should have been much thicker) and laid it out to get an idea of what it would look like.

So I initially used a spray can, but it failed miserably and eventually broke, so I managed to scrounge up some other white paint (I think it was wall paint) and set to rolling over each draw face. I didn't bother avoiding the stencil in an attempt to minimise bleeding (probably should have), and after a few coats and a sunset, I was done. In between coats I also had the idea to paint the knobs white. At the time it was merely the budget friendly option (I was looking at buying new ones), however now I think it could be part of the final product!
After the paint had dried, the next (and most painful) stage awaited me - I had to peel off the paint-sodden 'cardboard' to see what was left behind...

Yeah, it didn't look this okay in the beginning. If you look hard enough you'll see traces of the ridicluous bleeding that faced me. That evening I managed to clean up one of the draws before bed (using a kebab stick and some turps), but I had to get me some sleep before returning the following night to do the other two.

I used some varnish I found in the shed to cover up the excess bleed, and then took to putting it all back together again. And the final result it below, you can see the new bed side table in it's natural habitat (including a bit of mess - it's all in the styling, right?).

I genuinely intended to paint the rest of it white, but didn't have the time when I did it. However, everyone I've asked since has said that I should leave it as it is.
Now here's the cliffhanger - I don't know whether or not to paint the rest... I seriously need some advice, because my room still has about as much timber as a log cabin! 

Do you have any thoughts on where this bed side table story should go? 

the dairy cattle pavillion

Happy Ekka Public Holiday!
I hope you all had a great day off and made the most of the amazing winter sunshine Brisbane has had on offer! This weeks wishing has a bit of a festive vibe to it I feel... and note the wonderful hat down below, wouldn't that be the perfect accessory for the Dairy Cattle Pavillion?
I actually spent my day op-shopping and scribbling on shoes for September's Suitcase Rummage... it was completely great. The Rummage should be a good time, and keep an eye/ear out for more updates regarding the scribbles. For now, it's time to sleep and get this week over with!
1. Gold Studded Black Shorts 2. Gorman Jasmine Jumper 3. Urban Outfitters Sunnies 4. Royal Blue Felt Floppy Hat 5. The Parker Bag by Grace Design

PS: Gorman's new arrivals are all worthy of being included here, I should just dedicate an entire blog to my love for the label. Fo real.

Sunday Sounds: Huey Lewis & the News

Not ashamed. These guys are oldies but god damn goodies! Go! Watch! Listen! Dance! Soak up that fantastic era that was the Eighties... And then go get some sleep.
It's the closing ceremony in less than 8 hours! I will seriously be this sad when it's all over. No joke.


So was I responsible for Australia's lack of gold last week? Does this mean posting an entirely silver inspired wishlist will result in a rush of gold medals in the last few days of London 2012?
Yes to both. The logic is clear. So please, feast your eyes on all that is covetable in the shade of Australia's new favourite metal!

1. 80's Silver Glitter Jacket 2. Bronx Glitter Slipper 3. River Island Foil Pleat Mini 4. Silver Glitter Post Earrings 5. ASOS Triangle Collar Tips

Sunday Sounds: Tall Ships

Heyheyhey! I simply can't believe I haven't posted about Tall Ships yet. They were a Hop Farm discovery last year thanks to a day of no one we really wanted to see and a shady (not slim) marquee. Their combination of sounds and rather dashing looks made for a delightful live show. And their music isn't half bad either. It's actually phenomenally great. Well... I think so, and you're not going to know if you don't press play below (woohoo! unexpected rhyme!).
Rhymes aside, I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine has been spent ticking things of to do lists and busy working away and my latest creative venture (if you could call it that...). Fingers crossed I can just continue to ride this wave of motivation. You can check out a brief peek here if you feel so inclined, it may just brighten your Monday... probably not though... I'd put my money on the boys from Tall Ships to do that.

Looking Back: Los Angeles

Evening blogpeople and Happy Friday!
To celebrate/for something to do, I've got a few travel snaps from LA to share with you this eve.
So - going back to where I last left off - I had departed dear Canadia for the ole US-of-A (thankfully this time via air) and rendezvoused in LA with two very jet-lagged friends that had just arrived from Australia. We spent most of our time in LA on buses (note to self: in future don't ever rely on LA buses!), getting lost and ticking things off the tourist to do list. Hands down favourite place while there was definitely Santa Monica (second note to self: in future, don't even bother with Hollywood or downtown LA!) and favourite day was cycling along Venice Beach. So here is a very edited bunch of snaps, enjoy your impending scrolls down the page and the weekend ahead!

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