Sunday Sounds: Dog is Dead

So I love the olympics. Life for me at the moment is all about sportz, how uninteresting and un-newsworthy is that?! I know none of you want to hear about how I'm a bit sad for the Aussie gymnasts that didn't qualify, so I'll be quiet now and let you have a listen to these guys and their lovely little harmonies. If you enjoy what you hear as much as I do you may be keen to know that you can even grab this song for free as part of their 'Talent Show EP' (you've just got to subscribe to their mailing list). Three cheers for free stuff! (but no cheers for Monday - Monday is a cruel mistress)

counting down...

Who is geared up for the olympics?! I'm think I'm getting a bit of an olympics vibe with the purple and pink going on in this week's wishlist... then again, the branding for 2012 seems to have the whole rainbow involved, so really, I'm probably just pushing it to find a common (and topical) thread between all the materialism...
Woah, long sentence. Aaaanyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful week! 

1. Ombre Market Tote 2. Antipodium, Weddings Wakes Anything Dress 3. Truffle Black Flatform 4. Angel Monaco Crystal Ring 5. Kaleidoscope Coffee Table 

Sunday Sounds: Emma Louise

She is just total perfection, I think the phrase 'completely lovely' is the most fitting. Here's one of her latest releases (it's really great, aside from the weird smoking fella). Have a listen peeps!

wednesday, wednesday...

How embarrassing peeps, I only JUST noticed an ugly error in last week's Wednesday Wishlist... to those of you perfectionists out there, I apologise. On to this week and what I'm lusting for, check it ouuuutttttt.
PS: I hope life is good for you all!
PPS: Short and sweet post tonight due to rampant laziness - sweet dreams y'all!

1. Opening Ceremony Heidi Flats 2. Something Else, Outlaw 3. My Only Song Pillowcase 4. Oui Brooch 5. Gorman Triangle Ring

Sunday Sounds: Yeasayer

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! Three cheers for Monday right? 
This Sunday eve it's all about Yeasayer. These great fellas are definitely one of absolute favourites (to the point of italics, see?), and I have just rediscovered them a bit lately. This is probably due to the fact that their new album is out next month and I'm just getting excited... 
So please, sit back and enjoy this awesomeness - it is quite possibly one of my all time favourite songs, I simply can't play it enough times. 

So it's not thursday yet...

Yep, I woke up today thinking it was Thursday... I should really have been grateful, but truthfully, I was just bummed I had another day to wait for the weekend! What a negative realisation. I need to get me some passion or a hobby or just some goals of some sort. Watch this space.
In the meantime, a bit of materialism...

1. Tear Drop Candy Dish 2. River Island High Waisted Dress 3. Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses 4. Vintage Clock 5. Vintage Pink Opal Ring

Sunday Sounds: Talking Heads

Wow, so I've been definitely a slacker this week with multiple lovely things going on that I could have shared as they were occuring, but alas I have yet to get my act together and post about them. So I'll summarise: I've finally been shopping up a storm for day bed cushions (intentions originally expressed here), I made a bakewell tart aaaand I've started another diy (this time - with furniture!). Don't get too excited though fellas, I'm only part way through so watch this space...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I got the chance today to enjoy the winter sunshine at the  markets and I drove home listening to these guys (down there). Get on it!


It's my first ever night off from the wishlist as there is absolutely nothing I can wish for after a State of Origin game like that (plluusss I only just got home after watching the game on a big screen in the city).
Bring on 2013!

Sunday Sounds: Jonathan Boulet

(that's a few iphone shots blended together from the show on friday)

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine saw a big room transformation as I moved back in to my newly floorboard-ed bedroom! I'm so happy to be rid of the disgusting carpet, and my fingers are so glad to be done with all that manual labour.
This Sunday eve it's all about J. Boulet. He is probably better known by his complete name - but I'm a rhyming fan. Aanyway, I was lucky enough to win some free tickets to see the man and his band play on Friday night, and I've been feeling a lot of love for his latest album ever since. The film clip is full of complete strangeness and slow motion explosions, which is kind of awesome (aside from the creepy blonde mannequin at the end, that's just plain freaky!). So have a listen if you haven't already, there is definitely a catchy tune or two to be heard! Good luck with the Monday-itis peeps :)

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