trick or treat?

Ok, so it looks like it's a treat this week!
I've made the executive decision to not create a wishlist as there is a more impressive story in town... Well, I'd like to think of it as a treat but really it's just a bit of news... The Daisy See Project is now on Etsy! So head on over rrright now to grab yourself one of these pretty babies!

And please do stay tuned, for the 'project' is only going to continue to grow... next in line are the cute sneakers, and after that... a bit o' vintage!

Oh, and Happy Halloween, I hope you all got to do something a bit different for your Wednesday eve.

Sunday Sounds: The Art of Sleeping

Goood evening!!
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend despite the relatively lousy weather (but fantastic live music available for free)! Now before I link to my latest musical discovery... I'll do the obligatory link to The Daisy See Project, which is now live on facebook for the next 48 hours should you wish to make a totally fashionable purchase.

Ok, now that's taken care of, let's begin on the sounds... So I managed to take in mostly free music this weekend, but every other time it wasn't free I had paid a teeny amount to take in what the Zoo was offering... one band of which was The Art of Sleeping. These guys are based locally and making reaalllly lovely music at the same time as putting on some pretty great live shows. I highly recommend getting off your ass and making it to one of their gigs, I'm sure it will be a wise move...

Oh yes, and good luck conquering Monday...

daisy... sea?

Good evening and happy hump day (just), I hope you're all fiinne this evening! 
This eve's wishlist seems to be unconsciously channelling a bit of an ocean/seaside vibe... Clearly it's a sign I need to haul ass to the beach very soon (I may have forgone an opportunity last weekend, and it seems my brain is now punishing me for this...) 

Now I'd like to just quickly acknowledge the awesomeness of those that have liked Daisy See on Facebook, it makes me a little bit happy to have now reached (and exceeded!) the quarter century mark! To those of you that are yet to do so, I'd definitely recommend it if you're hoping to grab one of The Daisy See Project scarves, because come Sunday evening you will have a 48 hour chance to call shotgun before I list the collection on Etsy

So you better get on it guys... get down on it... like Kool and the Gang!
(you're welcome)

1. Cotton On Cider Sandal 2. Vintage Eighties Silk Blouse 3. Jean Patou Vintage Scarf 4. Gorman Doris Wedge 5. Rifle Paper Co 2013 Cities Calendar

Design Love: The Island Continent

Is this website not the most wonderful explosion of colour you've ever seen? The latest offering from the man with more talent in his pinky finger than I have in my whole being (Eamo Donnelly), comes in the form of The Island Continent... It's a sort of online digital archive slash shop slash design studio. It's absolutely perfect timing too, I can feel summer ooozing out my screen!

(Seriously, my screen dump does it very little justice... follow the link already!)

Sunday Sounds: Yeasayer

Okay, okay... So it's not their first appearance on a Sunday eve. But I feel like this latest gem from the Yeasayer hunks is worth sharing, despite the slight creepiness of the ending... 
Anyway, I hope you've all had a great weekend! I've been very busy today working almost non-stop on The Daisy See Project, so I am looking forward to drifting off to dreamland. Be sure to stay tuned here for the latest updates, as things are sure to be getting even more exciting as the week carries on!

Photo Friday

Well, technically it's Saturday now... but who's keeping score?
For those few of you that follow on Instagram, you may have seen this fellow already (I'm becoming more and more addicted each day). It's a snap of 'The Wheel of Brisbane' all lit up for the MS Moonlight Walk that I took part in earlier this eve. The physical exertion was definitely worth it - it's a great cause!
I hope you've all survived the week and get to enjoy the weekend!

Oh, and please do stay tuned re: The Daisy See Project, for I plan this weekend to begin photographing everything... so get exciiiteed!

feeling springy...

Evening all! This week's wishlist is awfully colourful and fun, and totally reflective of the weather here in Brisbane at the moment. It's pretty perfect summer/spring weather, I'm itching to get to the beach again! I hope you all survived hump day and are all getting some well needed rest before the next day of the week. Bring it on right? Soon enough it will be the weekend!

1. Multi-Coloured Folk Art Pillow 2. Seed Aztec Bleach Jean 3. Topshop Metal Trim Sunglasses 4. House of Harlow Sunburst Pendant 5. Gorman Mariachi Tank

Sunday Sounds: The Beatles

Ok, so there will be few words tonight, as I am all tuckered out from my long weekend down in Melbourne visiting friends I haven't seen in a very long while. It was such a lovely time, during which I stumbled into many lovely shops and cafe/bars/restaurants... and on multiple occasions, I heard the iconic sounds of the fab four. I also have taken to listening to them on my phone while strolling about, so it seems only apt that they feature as the sounds for this Sunday. Enjoy and sweet dreams!

no time sunshine!

Hi hi hi!
Ok, so I'm totally strapped for time this eve. I'm down in Sydney for training tomorrow but had a super delayed flight. I don't even have time to order room service! First world problems indeed. But yes, my internet time is limited so instead of whipping up a little picture combining all the little wishlisty type things, I'm just going to quickly link a few. To be honest, I really don't have much to wish for after being so spoilt on my birthday last week, so I'm relying on the awesomeness of Gorman & Mister Zimi to provide the sartorial eye candy. Enjoy and sweet dreams...

Sunday Sounds: Joni Mitchell

Wowsers! So blog people, today is my birthday. Yep I'm officially a bit older in numbers today! I've had such a great day and have been so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people for my first 25 years of life. I'll leave the gushing there and get straight to the video, because to be completely honest, I'm pooped. I hope you've all survived the scorcher that Brisbane hit us with today!

...this is actually a very oldie that has found it's way on to my phone, and every time I hear it I can't switch it off, she's just so damn lovely... I really wish someone would invent a time machine already! Oh wait, I think you can get them online?

Amy's Bridal Shower

Good evening and Happy Friday! 
As promised, here is a bit of a snapshot of the bridal shower we (my fellow bridesmaids and awesome family members) put together for my cousin Amy. Let me warn you now, this post is IMAGE OBESE! I'll let them do (most of) the talking!

We got these pretty petals from my mothers work, and my sister and I arranged them to fit into little jars for the tables (a la my inspiration post) was possibly the most fun I've had in a while! 








Phew! Wasn't it all so pretty? I think it was a completely perfect celebration of my gorgeous cousin's impending nuptials, and I was so happy to be part of such an awesome family team. Look out wedding industry... we are going to infiltrate you like nobody's business.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Mine will be spent enjoying my last day/s as a 24 year old, in an attempt to ward off the impending quarter-life crisis... wish me luck!

not so wish-listy

Evening all!
This eve I'm not feeling particularly wish-listy (yes, it's a thing). So rather than pretend to be wish-listy, I'm merely going to hope that you are all enjoying your week and that it continues to go well... or for those of you that aren't having the best week so far, I hope it improves ten fold! And now for a picture, because really, what is a blog post without a picture?'s a poor little flower we found at Groovin the Moo earlier this year.... I thought it was so pretty, even though it was on it's last legs!

PS: a bridal shower post is coming, I promise.

a sneak peek of the bridal shower...

Yep, I'm SUCH a tease. This is just a little taster to get you all excited peeps, there is lots of prettiness to come in the next couple of days (I've just got to find some time to go through all the photos)! I hope you've all enjoyed that extra public holiday, despite the less than ideal weather situation! Bring on the four day week!

Good Looking Design: Melbourne Festival

It's been a while since I've done a design related post, and to be honest, I'm not sure why... Either way, I'm off to Melbourne in two weeks, and while looking around the world wide web to see what is on while I'm there, I just happened to stumble across this little gem. Anything with a triangular pattern ticks all my boxes. Isn't it prettyy? (And the festival doesn't look half bad either... if anything, it looks rather awesome!)

Sunday Sounds: New Navy

Hey hey! It's definitely not Sunday right now, it's completely Monday. But hooray for the public holiday people! It means I can be up this late/early and I won't regret it neeearrrly as much the next day. Right on! Anyway, let's get down to business.. This 'Sunday', it's all about New Navy (a BIGSOUND LIVE discovery). So crank that volume and get those feet mooooving, these guys are lots of fun! ...and the chorus in this song is completely apt.

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