daisy... sea?

Good evening and happy hump day (just), I hope you're all fiinne this evening! 
This eve's wishlist seems to be unconsciously channelling a bit of an ocean/seaside vibe... Clearly it's a sign I need to haul ass to the beach very soon (I may have forgone an opportunity last weekend, and it seems my brain is now punishing me for this...) 

Now I'd like to just quickly acknowledge the awesomeness of those that have liked Daisy See on Facebook, it makes me a little bit happy to have now reached (and exceeded!) the quarter century mark! To those of you that are yet to do so, I'd definitely recommend it if you're hoping to grab one of The Daisy See Project scarves, because come Sunday evening you will have a 48 hour chance to call shotgun before I list the collection on Etsy

So you better get on it guys... get down on it... like Kool and the Gang!
(you're welcome)

1. Cotton On Cider Sandal 2. Vintage Eighties Silk Blouse 3. Jean Patou Vintage Scarf 4. Gorman Doris Wedge 5. Rifle Paper Co 2013 Cities Calendar
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