Sunday Sounds: Bing Crosby

Merry Christmas!!
This has to be one of the greatest, most upbeat and Australian appropriate carols... I hope you all enjoy the festive season and here's to a great 2013!


Hellooo people!

So my apologies to the three of you that were wondering where the wednesday wishlist is tonight as I've decided not to post about things I want, because in all honesty my head is filled with clouds... Plump, fluffy white things that don't want to make words. I made some new ones today at work... 'detalis' and 'decmeber' were my favourites... So yeah, my head is busy wondering what is on the wishlists of my family as opposed to what is on mine... so that combined with the cloud syndrome makes it awful hard to type right now... So imma 'gon cut it right here and get some zeds.

---------- but wait, IT'S A NEWSFLASH!
For those of you following on Facebook/Etsy I recently uploaded the four remaining pairs of sneakers! They're for sale rright now for a really pocket-friendly price! Get on it, and if you want a custom pair let me know, I'm more than willing to oblige.
newsflash OUT ---------- 

Now it's sweet dreams suckers and festive love to you all in this last week of Christmas!

Sunday Sounds: Paul McCartney

Yep, so in less than 10 days we'll be pigging out, drinking and sharing good times, how eexcitting!! So I'm spreading some joy tonight with this ultimate Christmas tune... seriously, why wasn't I born 20 years ago? Everything just looks so awesome.

Sweet dreams for now lovelies!

B & W

Evening! I hope you're all enjoying the week!
This week it's a bit monochromatic, nothing beats a bit of black and white for some classic simplicity... alllthough, for those of you that are big on colour and want to inject some into your life, I suggest a trip over to my new Society6 store, where you can grab some of the art from The Daisy See Project (plus other pretty things) on cushions or as framed artwork, and it's all so damn affordable!
And do stay tuned lovelies, I'll be putting some super festival-ready sneakers up as soon as my the uploader stops being a pain.

1. Three of Hearts Top 2. Gorman Chinese Checkers Dress 3. Rocky Diamond Bone China Ring 4. Hand-painted Ceramic Ornament 5. Little Wave Necklace

Sunday Sounds: Mr. Mister

Well it's a definite flashback this Sunday eve! I hope you've all had an absolutely lovely weekend.
I'm going to leave all the impact of this post to the video. IT'S GREAT. AND THAT KEY CHANGE!

PS: Will talk soon lovelies about future project plans, life has just been life lately and has been quite distracting... But something new is this, it's a place to buy some of the scribbles and such - totally exciting!

it's beginning...

I'm sure you can imagine how that subject line finishes right? Well, I'm actually referring to the new season... because that my friends is beginning also (as this crazy hot Brisbane weather is very clearly indicating!)
I hope you're all having a great week, and for all you Brisbane-ites out there, be sure to stop by the upcoming IncStamp exhibition, as I've been lucky enough to contribute a lil' summin' to it and it is going to be absolutely brimming with local talent!

1. Sunday Social Vintage Earrings 2. T by Bettina Liano Mini Dress 3. Fire on the Mountain Jacquard Beach Towel 4. Verali Drew Nude/Peach 5. Wavy Rainbow Brooch

Sunday Sounds...

...are sadly non existent tonight due to a 4yr old macbook having a geriatric moment. Happy December and my apologies for all the tears you will be crying into your pretty pillows. By way of apology, I have this:

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