Day Bed Inspiration

Before I moved to the UK, I slept in what could technically be called a 'day bed'... a concept my mother had serious trouble understanding... so much so, that prior to my return, she turned it into just that! So for the past few months I've been sleeping in this extra bed, and my old bed has fulfilled its destiny... well, kind of. It's mainly become a dumping ground for clothes and things I'm part way through organising, but hopefully now that I'm back in Brisbane and not scheduled for any movement in the next month, the day bed revamp can begin!

found here

found here

found here

I rreeallyy love this one, that long cushion with the illustration is fantastic: found here

Sunday Sounds: Passenger

Brisbane's Queen St Mall regular Passenger played a gloriously loved-up gig (complete with a marriage proposal!) at the hi-fi last night, so it makes sense for me to share the love right here right now...
Mike's songs have a definite mush element, with lots of talk of love and relationships - but his storytelling, crowd interaction and friendly stage presence made for a pretty entertaining night. The crowd completely loved it, and there were plenty of opportunities to sing along. If you're a fan of all things folky and acoustic I definitely recommend having a listen - I'm yet to pick a favourite song myself, being quite new to his music, but I did stumble across this lovely video that is definitely worth a share!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! (I'm back in Brisbane now with no interstate training on the cards, so life should finally be back on track, fingers crossed)

Happy Wednesday! All us Aussies and New Zealanders (and a few others I think) had a lovely day off today to remember those who have served and are currently serving our country in the armed forces. The marches and dawn services all over the country/world were great to watch - I love seeing all the oldies having a good time and being remembered and respected, it's a nice change from the usual junk that is on TV these days! (most of which I am completely sucked in to... The Voice anyone?)

Fun fact: this weeks' wishlist is the first to include a non-clothing/accessories related item - it's completely warranted though, I simply can't stop singing the praises of Clock Opera (read: spamming)

Floral Explosion

the floral explosion that is the Valerie Tolosa Boutique on Oxford St, Sydney

Hello one and all! 
Yep, just as I thought, this month I have been particularly slack on the blog/life front, and I honestly wish it wasn't the case! Either way, training for my new job is finally slowing down and hopefully once May arrives I'll have myself a decent routine to form a life around! For now, I'll simply leave you with an instagram from my weekend in Sydney (ps: feel free to follow me @cjjd)

Witchery Raises Awareness for OCRF

Not feeling too coherent this week, but definitely lusting after all of the above... The Witchery shirt (#5) especially, as it part of their latest fundraising initiative for the OCRF. Seriously, we need to raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer, not enough people realise how dangerous it is, and how difficult it is to detect. Massive jumping high fives from me to you, Witchery!

1. Aldo Throndson Tote 2. Fawn's Turquoise Faced Sunnies 3. 1960s Spring Wool Dress 4. Chelsea Leather Ankle Boots 5. Witchery OCRF Broderie Shirt

Inspiring Design: The School

The School is a creative hub of knowledge offering classes to one and all with the urge to make/style/just be damn creative. Seriously, we need to get one of these in Brisbane - doesn't it just look like instant fun? It's like a design party for the eyes!

Sunday Sounds: Round Mountain Girls

A Bluesfest discovery and a knee slapping good time! I'm definitely getting a 'Rose and Jack at the Titanic third class party' kind of vibe...

ps: I apologise for the brevity, my brain is split into a million bits at the moment!
pps: you can find the Round Mountain Girls right here

kikki.K goes DIY!

While on the hunt for a birthday card yesterday I stumbled across this most exciting little collection of stamps in kikki.K, and they were just too lovely to keep to myself!
Coming in a range of styles, they make such an awesome alternative to the usual birthday card... with the chance to be creative, and say exactly what you want to say... I think it's time to bring on the ink!

Local Love: Esbert's Collection

Hello hello it's Thursday yo!
So guys, I give my apologies as this latest lot of local love may be just bit behind schedule... but reeally, I was strategically building suspense for the loveliness that is ahead... So let me introduce to you all, Dominique - the extremely talented hands, brain and heart behind Esbert's Collection - Brisbane's own toy and accessories label, complete with characters called Hank, Donald and Herman (that's instant attraction right there).

When I stumbled across her etsy store recently, I wiped the dribble off my keyboard (gross, and not entirely true...) and immediately bookmarked it. And with some further stalking, I found her forever inspiring art blog too! For one so young, her work is so accomplished! (this piece is definitely a favourite) So the only logical step after all this dribble and stalking, was to harass her for the lo down on how her cute critters, dashing fellas and fun brooches come to life... 

What inspires you to create?
Everything, I love to look around and even the most mundane of things can spark inspiration and ideas. I love looking at what people make, I am constantly on the internet finding lots of wonderful ideas to try and ideas that could help improve my work

How did Esbert's Collection come about?
I started Esbert's Collection out of a creativity slump, I had just started studying and it was so dry and clinical I needed something bright and colourful back in my life, something to get my hands into and keep them busy. 

Apart from Esbert's Collection - what do you like to do with your time?
I love to draw, paint, take photos, day dream and internet searching. I also have another blog called Hello Geronimo (my alter ego artist name) it is a place for me to share my work and feature artists that inspire me. 

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years?
I can't wait to graduate this year so I can start working and making money to travel, there are so many wonderful places in this world and I don't want to miss out on any of it! I also want to keep working and moving forwards with my designs pushing myself to make something different. 

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
Oh gosh, there are so many wonderful places around Brisbane, I love to visit GOMA and the art gallery and I have been wanting to go and have a look at the newly renovated museum.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
I have so many new ideas I want to start working on, I will be aiming to have a stall at Supanova at the end of the year I really enjoyed doing that last year. I also want to keep working on my art and hopefully start producing works to sell as prints. 

What I've included here barely scratches the surface, so be sure to check out the etsy store, blog/s and facebook page! 

Stripes and Shakes

Evening! This weeks' wishlist is totally stripey, because really, nothing beats a stripe, they are completely classic in every sense! Lots of love for the coming Thursday!

1. TopShop Pastiche Metallic Sandals 2. Vintage Milkshake Blender 3. Medium Coral Zipped Pouch 4. TopShop Striped Denim Backpack 5. A|Wear Striped Front Pocket Jumper

Fall Festivities!

Happy Easter everyone! Today's (haphazard and very last minute) wishlist is just a little a bit festive, and alotta bit colourful - I can only guess that this is due to my impending journey to Bluesfest in Byron Bay! Only one more sleep, so I better hop to it! (yep, it's easter pun time)
I hope you all get super spoilt in whatever way you desire this Easter weekend - bring on the Autumn sunshine!

1. ASOS Beaded Across Body Bag 2. Gorman Tassel Tank 3. Violet Pink Galaxy Bracelet 4. Topshop Structured Blazer 5. Pannikin Super Kinder Earrings: Jemima

PS: I only used 'Fall' to describe 'Autumn' in the subject of this post because it made for a nice bit of alliteration - the obsessive compulsive within me could not resist

slightly diverted...

anyone know what flower this is? it was a weekend instagram mystery (follow me @cjjd)

Hello hello! It's a bit of me for you this Monday! Ooohoo!
(Actually, exclamations and excitement are probably quite unwarranted in this case, this is quite a mundane post regarding my current lack brain power for DAISY SEE...)

For those of you playing at home, you may have picked up that for the entirety of 2012 I have been unemployed. Yes. Completely employed - by no one. Which has been both great and not so great.
Great because I could start up this blog and sleep in till 9am every day, but not so great because I have been dirt poor and without much career direction. Well, the latter hasn't changed, but the former is much less true, now that I have a job! Cue the streamers and the marching band!

Wait. Hold the band. It's not exactly what I wanted, however, I have an okay feeling about it all. I was looking for full-time work however I have taken a part-time position, which despite the lack of hours, could be good. I have options now. Like the possibility of starting some postgraduate study (subject suggestions anyone?), or even getting myself a second job... Either way, this training has seen my brain capacity tested to the extreme. There is a lot of product knowledge that I have started to acquire, and unfortunately DAISY SEE has taken a bit of a back seat for the past couple of weeks. And take this as a pre-warning, it probably won't change until May, when I actually start part-time hours...

Oh, but don't worry too much dearies, I will be doing my best to keep up with the regular posts every week, just don't cry into your keyboards if they lack inspiration :)

Sunday Sounds: Earth Wind & Fire

Dance! Boogie wonderlaaaand! Yep, that's right, this week it's a flashback! And I genuinely believe it's the best place to start. Seriously. These guys are legends.
Recently, I have delved into the wonderful world of Earth Wind & Fire, and I'm psyched. Not just because I've stumbled across some wonderful footage on YouTube, but because I will be lucky enough to see these guys in action next weekend thanks to the upcoming Bluesfest!

I can only pray that their costumes will be as amazing as they were in 1979.

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