Today I made:


Yep... Now isn't that the most sophisticated looking bow you've ever seen?! Ha (Please note my sarcasm).

So friends, the purpose of this eve's post is to begin sharing with you some tidbits about the newest addition to my life (which also explains why I've been a little absent lately... for which I apologise).
I'm now a few weeks into a Certificate II in Floristry and am big time loving the lifestyle change and chance to play with flowers on a regular basis. Plus learning, learning is lots of fun. One thing I am not loving however, is the fact that I am required to tie bows on a regular basis. This is not fun.

Anyway, I'm hoping to continue to share as the months go on... I'll be sure to throw in some floral inspiration and little snippets of things I've done/am doing/hope to do...
If you're super keen you should follow on instagram too, I'll no doubt be posting there first :)

Sweet dreams and Happy Friday!

Sunday Sounds: Alt-J

Yep, I'm behind the 8 ball here... but that's totally cool, because I've come around eventually friends!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoy all the coolness that this Alt-J video exudes.

Local Lust: Jetta's Nest

Happy Wednesday!! I hope you're all well. 

This eve I'm sharing some love for this super fun brooch I stumbled across in Jetta's Nest, a pretty little etsy store filled with handmade accessories made from recycled timber and the like. And I feel it's safe to say it has moved in to prime position on my 'to buy when I'm not poor' list... I can just picture it on the collar of a nice black/navy blazer... oooh I can feel winter coming already!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends and I'll talk to you again on Sunday :)

Smonday Sounds: The Griswolds

Evening one and all!

As you can see I've pulled another swift one this eve and instead of ending the week with some sounds, we are beginning the week with them! How's that for turned tables?
Yeah - I just like to keep you aaallll guessing... y'know... play the game, keep up the intrigue 'n' all that... You know you love it. Inconsistency is cool y'know?

Woah, anyway, enough of my verbal mess and on to the soundzz... This little ditty is one I've heard quite a bit on the radio lately, and I am enjoying it quite a bit, it's definitely some fun for the ears... And the fact that these guys have chosen a band name is closely related to Chevy Chase is a definite bonus.

I also wanted to big time apologise for the lack of posts here lately... and to make sure I don't have a mutiny on my hands I've decided to reduce the remaining Daisy See Project scarves! Hooooraaay!

So if you've been pondering a purchase for some time, I suggest you jump on it!
(ps: that link is a MUST CLICK)

You can head here to the etsy store if you're international, or if you're friend/family/local, you can get in touch via the DAISY SEE facebook page.

I hope you all have a swell Tuesday!

Happy Valentinezzz!

Sending a lil' scribble and a lot o' love out into the blogosphere to all you lovely suckers! I hope you all got a lil' summin' summin' from the world today!

Local Lust: Alice Nightingale

Good eeevening!
Now, before I launch into this weeks local lust, I must apologise to those of you hanging on every character I type, as I took a bit of an unscheduled week off last week... But never fear, I'm 100% back and ready to roll my friends!

Now, my latest Etsy wanders have seen a stumble across the gorgeous Brisbane label, Alice Nightingale. In particular, this blouse has me lovingly stroking the screen and dreaming of potential outfits... It's the perfect combination of lemony goodness and delicate flowing fabric... what a dream.

If you're a big lover of handmade and all things vintage inspired, I highly recommend a scroll through the Alice Nightingale store, followed by a prompt Facebook like to make sure you don't miss a pretty little beat.

Sunday Sounds: Local Natives

I'm just too sleepy for words this eve my friends... I hope you all enjoyed yours by the way!

Just have a listen to this greatness, their new album has definitely been on high rotation in the last week... Man, I really need to grab tickets for when they come to town!

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