Today I made:


Yep... Now isn't that the most sophisticated looking bow you've ever seen?! Ha (Please note my sarcasm).

So friends, the purpose of this eve's post is to begin sharing with you some tidbits about the newest addition to my life (which also explains why I've been a little absent lately... for which I apologise).
I'm now a few weeks into a Certificate II in Floristry and am big time loving the lifestyle change and chance to play with flowers on a regular basis. Plus learning, learning is lots of fun. One thing I am not loving however, is the fact that I am required to tie bows on a regular basis. This is not fun.

Anyway, I'm hoping to continue to share as the months go on... I'll be sure to throw in some floral inspiration and little snippets of things I've done/am doing/hope to do...
If you're super keen you should follow on instagram too, I'll no doubt be posting there first :)

Sweet dreams and Happy Friday!
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