Local Love: Hearsay Designs

Another day, another new feature (sit up straight, because this one should be pretty super!). Each week, I'm going to do my best to profile a creative force in Brisbane, because the word needs to be spread - we got talent in the streets of our town. It is almost like, since returning from overseas, I'm starting to see my hometown through a pair of freshly cleaned specs. And boy, it's exciting.

So to start it off, I am pleased to introduce Sarah Fallon, the lovely lady behind Hearsay Designs. Her up and coming accessories label offers a range of statement jewellery pieces, hair clips, tote bags and greeting cards. Personally, I really love the rope necklaces - they make such a creative, yet beautifully bold statement!

Now, as a bit of an aspiring creative myself (it's all talk really...), I couldn't resist the opportunity to find out a little bit more about Sarah and Hearsay Designs. Thankfully, she was more than willing to cooperate - I didn't even have to resort to blackmail OR violence!

What inspires you to create?
Lots of things really. Seeing something amazing someone else has created, it doesn't have to be jewellery, it just has to capture my imagination. Learning new techniques or finding new materials often gets me brainstorming new ways to apply them to my work.

How did Hearsay Designs come about?
I always wanted to make things, I just didn't know what. I tried greeting cards for a while but it wasn't the right fit. Then I saw some fabric button studs and remembered these hair clips I had from Sportsgirl that I always wanted more of. I figured I could make them so I did, then I made some earrings and I started selling them. Eventually, I came up with some necklace and bracelet designs as well, and now they're my favourite part of Hearsay. I love coming up with new pieces. 

Apart from Hearsay - what do you like to do with your time?
I draw, write, and blog. These things tend to slip through the cracks a lot of the time, but I love to do them. I keep a sketch book so whenever the mood takes me I can jot down a sketch, be it for a picture, or jewellery design. I keep two blogs, It's Just Hearsay, which is all about Hearsay, and Visions of Whimsy, which is an art blog I started a year ago. My passion for writing is probably the only one that equals my passion for Hearsay. I write fiction and fantasy short stories at the moment. I take regular writing courses and have a not so secret hope to be published one day. 

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years time?
I'd like Hearsay to have taken off. I'd like to have proper collections and ranges for my jewellery and have my work in stores. And I would love to do some collaborations, photo shoots and shows.

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
I love the Cultural Centre. I like going to exhibitions and shows and the Writer's Festival, but I also just like being there. I love the atmosphere of the place.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
I'm not very good at looking far ahead, so at the moment, I'm most looking forward to a new market I'll be selling at this Saturday. It's called Black Markets and is being held at Black Bear Lodge in the Brunswick Street Mall, Fortitude Valley. I'm also very excited for a whole lotta lovely, a fashion show that a friend of mine is having on April 17th at Kerbside Bar on Constance Street.

I highly recommend any Brisbanites reading this to check out the events Sarah mentioned, they look like heaps of fun - I know I'll be doing my best to get my arse to Black Bear Lodge! Also, be sure to visit again next week when I'll be gently harassing another Brisbane creative with more questions, I'm promise it'll be a riot.

PS: If you like what you see, hop on over to the Hearsay Designs etsy store between March 1st & 12th and you can get 20% off! All you need to do is enter the code HEARSAY20 upon checkout.

Summer Loving

Happy 29th of February! Any lady to fella proposals today?
It's the last day of summer here in the southern hemisphere - but you wouldn't know it, thank god! I never really realised how much the weather affects what I feel like wearing, and I'm clearly not ready to let go of summer just yet. It makes sense though... after two years in the northern hemisphere, I've got to make up for some lost time!

1. Golden Ponies Oxford Flats 2. Mister Zimi Rain Tina Dress 3. So Little Time Geometric Necklace 4. O'Hare Shopper Tote Bag 5. Sass & Bide Rosario Sunnies

Some Pinterest Love

It's this years 'big thing', and has to be one of my favourite new things to do on the internet. Introduced to me by my baking extraordinaire housemate last year, it took a few months for me to completely lose myself and become an avid pinner. And here I am, 780 pins in (seriously! that many!?), and a teeny bit obsessed. The seamless usability and beautiful design provides the perfect framework for creative inspiration and tastemaking - it was only a matter of time before I became thoroughly obsessed.

It looks like I may be going through a minor orange/neon yellow/mint green phase at the moment... it must be summer.

What an attractive note to end on - if only I could become a professional pinner! Sources can all be found via my Pinterest page (my apologies, I'm being lazy, if you see one of your images here please let me know and I will be more than willing to post a direct link).

Sunday Sounds: CIVIL CIVIC

This dynamic duo make some seriously infectious tunes. Sans words, their songs invoke a seriously irresistible urge to boogie on down. Introduced to me by a friend in London, these Aussie fellas (now based in London and Barcelona respectively) have created something entirely unique that just needs to be shared.

Label Love: Mister Zimi

Now I'm not ashamed to admit that I discovered this label thanks to a recent episode of Australia's Funniest Home Videos, I'm actually very thankful!
After seeing the wonderfully cheerful Mister Zimi Tina Dress on TV, I was completely overcome by an irresistible urge to track it down and make it my own. And that I did, despite not really being the wisest financial decision (I'm quite poor at the moment), any doubts I had were quickly erased once I slipped this dress on for the first time this afternoon. It's so light and lovely, and man, anything with triangles and bright colours is simply destined for my wardrobe! I am in love.

The whole experience was made even more lovely with the personal and speedy service provided by Zoe Paul, who founded the label after a holiday to Bali. And thanks to her, I now have a little bit of Bali here with me in Brisbane! If I had any spare cents I would definitely be doing my best to acquire a few more pieces of Mister Zimi goodness, it's like a permanent summer holiday!

Clearly this week I'm feeling a bit homey. I'm still looking for work at the moment and have also been spending lots of time at home and with the extended family, obviously it has influenced this week's wishlist!

1. Smocked Neck Pillows 2. Streak Dye Bowl 3. Black Pyramid Vest 4. Geometric Nesting Dolls 5. Ethnic Oversized Tote


Happy Tuesday! This is just a quick post of the absolutely gorgeous flowers that my sister had put together for Nanny. Light pinks and lots of green, for a florist that has never met her, she did an amazing job of finding flowers that completely fit!
It's quite hard to be able to blog about anything decent at the moment, but don't fret, all is well and I'll have my head back in the game in no time! For now, it's all about positive stimulation and a bit of flora.
For some floral inspiration, try The Flower Appreciation Society, then maybe some of The Byrd Collective, such breath of fresh air!

positive thoughts for monday

Please send out some good vibes for my wonderful Nanny, she's currently in hospital and would absolutely love as much positivity the world wide web can muster. We're going to take some jokes in tomorrow and read them to her to make sure she keeps laughing, I really believe it can heal anything!

background image source: dixie allan

Sunday Sounds: Clock Opera

Evening! Welcome to the first post of what I hope will be another regular feature.
Every Sunday I am going to do my best to spread the word about a band/musical artist that I love, or have just discovered. I am no music pro, I just enjoy a good sing along, foot stomp, hand clap, etc.
So, this week - meet Clock Opera!

Seriously, these London based boys know how to make some great sounds. I first heard their greatness at last year's Hop Farm festival and the band are now full steam ahead for the release of their debut album in April. I'm excited. SUPER excited. I actually had the wonderful opportunity to see them live a couple of times in London before I came back to Australia, and I'm so glad I did. Their show at Electrowerkz was particularly great, the energy in the room was so wonderful and their songs just made me so damn happy!

From what I can see, they've had very little air time on Australian radio so far, however I pray that will not be the case for 2012. If you come to this humble blog, and get this far through this post, do yourself a favour and listen/watch below, it'll be the best "eclectic four piece/avant pop group" you will have seen in at least 24 hours. I promise.

In the Kitchen: Pistachio Macarons!

So I've launched myself into the wonderful world of Macarons. And wow, what a wonderful world it is! Using this rather straightforward recipe, and after a not so successful attempt using a donna hay premix, I managed to create some damn yummy treats! For someone who usually sucks completely in the kitchen, this is an exciting moment for me. Much like the graduation from tricycle, to a bike with training wheels - woohooooo!

I instagrammed the hell out of this along the way (well, I took a couple of photos), and although it's not photographed nearly as nice as the inspiration, it's made me feel not entirely useless today!



Have you got any amazing macaron flavour combos? Or tips for a beginner?

I'm loving anything bright, pastel and floral at the moment! I think I need something a bit uplifting at this stage in the week, after all the party excitement winding down and a failed macaron attempt, there's nothing some online browsing can't fix!

1. Vintage Peach Pink Sweater  2. Gorman Riviera Dress 3. 80s Floral Dress with Peplum Waist 4. Office Maybe Me Lace Up 5. Kork-Ease Ava in Black Vachetta

Party DIY: confetti system garland & decorated jar candles

So, as promised, here is a brief run down of the DIY decorations we did for the little sister's 21st. Taking direct inspiration from the amazing confetti system garlands, and using this great tutorial we managed to create our own (not as polished) tissue paper garlands! We also (with the help of our Nanny's jar collection) roughly recreated the gorgeous jar candles pictured below.



We managed to find a ridiculously large wad of multi-coloured tissue paper sheets (from memory there were about 460!) and decided, although they were much brighter than planned, they would be perfect for the job. Using our very dodgy guillotine we cut the sheets of paper to fit. We estimated that, to border our entire pergola area, we were going to need around 120 individual tassels. Yes, 120. Ridiculous! Luckily, I am currently looking for work, so I managed to get them all twisted and fluffed out(ish) in about 24 hours. We didn't entirely follow the tutorial, but I think essentially we managed to recreate the look.

The tassels covered our entire coffee table - it was completely satisfying to see them all done...

Below is our dry run, we did this just to make sure the length and estimated number of tassels lined up ok... This was pretty exciting...

And two days later, they are still going strong! I don't think I'll be taking them down anytime soon!

With the help of our favourite octogenarian, we also recreated the awesome jar lanterns using the leftover tissue paper.  I've never seen jam/relish jars look so good!

This is one of the simplest most effective things I've ever done. All you need is a glass jar, craft glue, tissue paper and tea lights. I covered the jar in glue, and then used randomly ripped and snipped pieces of paper to cover each jar. There was absolutely no method in the selection of the paper/colours/sizes, and that, I think, is the charm of this little DIY adventure. It was so easy and looked SO lovely! I'm definitely going to be keeping a couple of the good ones for myself!
And although the decorations were such a small part, they completely helped create a fun and intimate atmosphere. It was so great to see it all come together, however minor the decorations were. We danced all night, everyone had a great time, and a few of the crazies managed to see the sun rise!
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