Pattern play

No I definitely shouldn't work for Hallmark, but I do enjoy making patterns, imagine this one as a quilt!

New Instax wall

So I've started organising just a little in my room after being away for the past two years, and wow, it's such a trip to go back through photos of what now seems a 'previous' life... 
So, inspired by this, I finally did something with all the Instax photos I have floating around from before and after I left. Mine doesn't look nearly as good as the inspiration, but I don't think it's too bad - let's just hope they don't start falling off the wall any time soon!


The fact that the above uses two of my favourite travel photos is even more reason to get my latest play time printed and framed.

Brisbane Laneway Festival 2012

After starting the day with a sleep in, some ciders, Knight Rider and the A*Team, you would think I had already had a rather successful day - well, despite the overabundance of h20 from the skies, the day actually improved considerably.

After braving the rainy walk and train ride into the valley we managed to arrive quite early and catch a few bands not yet on the radar. A nice surprise came in the form of the Pajama Club, with Neil Finn and his wife, Sean Donnelly and Alana Skyring (drummer for the Grates in her previous life), whipping out some nice songs that I will definitely be googling today.
Then it was Active Child, for only two songs sadly. Seriously an amazing band, who new harp playing was so freakin cool?

Next was Laura Marling, with her lovely British accent and even lovelier tunes, by the time she played Sophia it was just the right amount of icing on the cake. So glad I finally got to see her play.

We then whipped over to catch some Anna Calvi, because despite all the buzz I'm still yet to get off my arse and listen to her album. The buzz is now understood. This chick is super cool, and she's got guts, her guitar clearly says so. Then it was a bit of The Panics, who, since I was last here (2009), don't seemed to have changed too much, but it was a nice time to reminisce (mental note: listen to their new album).

After some food and the chance to share a 'maddoggin' experience with a some crazy festival kids, Feist got electrocuted. Ha, well, she actually played an awesome set, haven't seen her before and was super impressed with her kick arse attitude. And despite a rather relaxed crowd, it was all positive from where I was standing!

Then it was The Drums. With a massive love for the band, it wasn't a hard decision to make, despite some timetable clashes. My sister had told me she didn't think they would be that great live (an opinion based on youtube videos only). But wow, they were the stand outs of the day for me, the energy was great and I didn't even take any shitty iPhone photos, I was having too much fun stomping my feet and singing the wrong words to care!

Finally, poor M83, the headline act, and victims of the Car Park Stage's ridiculous 'technical difficulties'. Despite being 50 minutes late, playing a shortened set minus my favourite song from their new album, it didn't really matter in the end, because Midnight City is a great song. And even though the energy levels were dwindling, I jumped about and beep booped my way into the night.

Laneway tomorrow!

Getting super pumped for Laneway tomorrow, despite the rain predictions nothing will be better than seeing some great music in the lanes of my home town. Might help ease my current longings for London.
These are a few of the songs I'm psyched to hear:

Plus a million more that I don't even know exist yet - hands up for some new discoveries!


Just stumbled across this amazing diy - I think I'll be bringing it out for the 21st in 2 weeks! Will definitely post when I do! Hooray!

The Inaugural Wednesday Wishlist

So I'm going to start a regular feature, and hopefully it should be a way for me to get a few material urges out of the system in the hope of saving the pocket some stress...
5 items I'm keen on. Every Wednesday. Let's go!

1. Scarf 03 2. 80s Striped Shirt 3. Noble House Necklace 4. Gorman Ashram Top 5. Stone Washed Cord Toms

My new wall

So I've been back in Australia for one month, and I still miss London, although suffice it to say I haven't completely thrown myself back into life here yet. Getting a job is a primary part of that, and I'm still lucking out at this stage. Though, one thing I am enjoying is going through all the stuff in my room that seemed relevant two years ago - it makes throwing things out much easier now! And decorating the walls with things new and old has been fun, and these are the latest additions - I think it's just like a little everyday party for my wall...

Etsy Discovery: Noble House Designs

On my etsy travels today I have discovered a treasure trove of wonderful statement necklaces.
Noble House Designs
have such an interesting collection of vintage and handmade jewellery that I'm absolutely itching to own!

this dog is such a poser

So we're home from our lovely two weeks away, and I must face the job search reality ahead of me. The cuteness of the pup has softened the blow just slightly...
Seriously, she actually poses when I bring the camera out!

An inspirational wedding

Just came across this amazing wedding at, it's completely wonderful! It just warms my heart to see such a beautiful and authentic wedding celebration that is clearly completely unique to the couple. Follow the link for the whole shabang :)

Some holiday playtime

Inspired by this print I set out this afternoon to play in InDesign and see what happens. It's the last day of our beach holiday, I don't want to face reality!

Looking back: Coachella 2010

So, I'm a few blog entries in now, I figure I should share something of my own. Today it's a memory, or a bunch of memories. In 2010 I set out for an adventure, starting in Japan I made my way around to the UK in a few months, spending most of my time in the USA. It was all amazing. I barely scratched the surface of most of the places I visited, but it was such a great experience that I am so grateful for.
I have a very big love of music festivals, and while I was travelling I was lucky enough to stop off at Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. And after the recent fever surrounding this year's Coachella (seriously, can't believe how jealous I am of those lucky few!) it brought back memories of how lucky I was just to experience that steamy weekend in Indio two years ago.

Do you have a favourite music festival? Or were you lucky enough to get a ticket to this year's Coachella?

diy love

so i've been getting into pinterest alot lately... 'alot' is probably an understatement... either way, i've discovered such a wonderful online community of inspiring diy-ers... there are so many incredibly resourceful people out there, creating daily and sharing it with the online world - it's wonderful!
below are a few of the projects i've come across - lets just pray i'll find some time and motivation this year to attempt at least one!

More birthday lighting inspiration!

I think we will definitely attempt that last one!

source: annaboo's housetreasure again, brilliant event planning, chanel bags and cigarette drags, row house nest

Today we went places...

... we went to Officeworks and Snapper Rocks, and we got things done! Like 21st invitations printed, and schooners sipped, and surfers watched. Kind of realising now that this birthday party is ridiculously last minute and lots of things have not been thought through! No matter though, it was great to see the design on paper, albeit without bleed and misaligned slightly... nothing a stanley knife, cutting board and metal ruler can't fix! I took some photos to mark this most auspicious occasion... bah!

And here's some beach snaps, sadly this second week of our holiday has seen some awful weather, and we haven't even had a full day on the beach! But the waves were big today at Snapper Rocks and there were surfers a plenty, so we went and watched, and then got a drink at the Surf Club - hurrah for holidays!


So I've spent the past few hours flipping through so many wonderful and inspiring blogs. And I'm just bursting with ideas and inspiration for my sister's upcoming party...

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