Looking back: Coachella 2010

So, I'm a few blog entries in now, I figure I should share something of my own. Today it's a memory, or a bunch of memories. In 2010 I set out for an adventure, starting in Japan I made my way around to the UK in a few months, spending most of my time in the USA. It was all amazing. I barely scratched the surface of most of the places I visited, but it was such a great experience that I am so grateful for.
I have a very big love of music festivals, and while I was travelling I was lucky enough to stop off at Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. And after the recent fever surrounding this year's Coachella (seriously, can't believe how jealous I am of those lucky few!) it brought back memories of how lucky I was just to experience that steamy weekend in Indio two years ago.

Do you have a favourite music festival? Or were you lucky enough to get a ticket to this year's Coachella?

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