Local Love: Pannikin

Hi everybody! It's nearly over! Busiest week of the year is nearly done! Super excited! Can't you tell?!
Woah, deep breath.
I'm also quite excited because this latest hit of local love features one of my total local favourites - Holly Leonardson - the total awesomeness that is behind Brisbane's colourful and fun accessories label Pannikin. Originally sighted a few years prior to my Brisbane hiatus, I immediately fell in love with what Holly does. At the time she had some rather awesome collages and illustrations that I was lucky enough to include in my "super popular" three issue zine, aptly named 'itsa;zine' (I hold procrastination and poor motivation responsible for its short lifespan).
Aaanyway, since then, she's gone from strength to strength, with many ranges behind her now and what sounds like a million other projects in the wings. 

She really is a creative dynamo - so scroll on my friends, have a read, and follow the links - and get excited, her stuff is like playschool for your person!

What inspires you to create?
I'm not entirely sure what it is exactly, but I definitely know that if I do not create my hands get fidgety and I'm not 100% happy! It is very much a need to create.

How did Pannikin come about?
Pannikin came about after I landed my first ever job at 15, which was at the local bead store. After being taught a variety of jewellery making techniques, I applied them to my own work, which was mostly centred around material offcuts, found objects and plastic children's toys back then. Since my early days, I have moved on to create screen printed tote bags and engraved wooden jewellery both featuring my illustrations.

Apart from Pannikin - what do you like to do with your time?
Besides Pannikin I am also part of a collective label that I started with my boyfriend. We are called Woollen Blanket Club and we make jewellery and other nice objects as well as plan an assortment of projects together. Away from jewellery I also create collages, which are based around similar themes of childhood and nature.

So, apart from being a bit of a workaholic, I do like to go on walks and have picnics in the forest and playing with our guinea pigs is pretty neat too. Baking pies, craft nights, vintage hunting and making things are some of my favourites.

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years?
I would like to be travelling overseas, especially to Japan, Berlin and San Francisco. I also hope that I can have a nice place to live and that I can have lots of good pets.

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
This is tricky, as I tend to spend a lot of time indoors making things and I enjoy that very much! However when the need to go outside arises, I like visiting places like Little Larder cafe (in New Farm) for a really unique and delicious breakfast.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
I am definitely looking forward to moving interstate to Tasmania in July! We are very excited about exploring the forest, gorge and mountains. There are also plans for a pretty big project but I'll keep that one secret for now!

What sad news it is for Brisbane to be losing such a creative pair of hands! I feel like if I could give a high five for commitment and passion through the internet I'd be doing it right now. Freakin love it. 
Go check out the Pannikin site this second and I'm sure the loveliness will make you smile at your screen... or at least with your eyes like Tyra Banks.


We're nearly halfway through our busiest week of the year at work, and I simply cannot wait for it to be over, it's totally feral in all ways... and I think this explains a lot for me at the moment... emotions, motivations - and as we can see - material longings - are all over the place. And it looks like the second wishlist to include something not entirely clothes/accessories related, how 'bout that!
If the creative baby jesus can hear me, I would pretty please, absolutely love to be blessed with a ticket to the upcoming Semi-Permanent in Brisbane. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to get myself to one, but have never been able to afford to part with the cash! And this year, the ever inspiring, Beci Orpin is going to be speaking! My insides are literally squealing like a crowd of One Direction fans...

1. Multicolour Southwest Bag 2. Pony Glitter Oxfords 3. 70s Sheer Dress 4. Cue Bow Back Top 5. Tickets to Semi-Permanent

Sunday Sounds: Ben Howard

Super quick as it's actually Monday and I just farewelled my sister at the airport (she's gone back to the UK for a month - yep I'm probably going to be depressed the whole time...) and I'm going on a few hours of sleep thanks to a friends birthday that didn't wind down till 4! This week it's just a bit of Ben Howard, a guy with music that is so totally powerful yet relaxing, if that's possible...? Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend, best of luck with the Monday-itis!

always greener

Well it seems only apt that this week my wishlist is related to grass and greenery...
The reason being that I had the total joy today of a (stupidly expensive) prick allergy test, which confirmed what I had assumed - like a heap of people out there, I'm very allergic to grasses (amongst other things!). It is also very suited because I'm in a bit of a reassessment mode of my life and completely seeing some green grass on the other side of wherever I am right now (how poetic..).
Personal ramblings aside - I hope you all have an awesome Thursday!

1. Terrarium Fridge Magnet 2. ASOS Skater Dress w/ Mermaid Sequins 3. Vintage Green Glass Canister Set 4. Golden Succulent 5. Golden Ponies Floppy Dr Bag


This post by the super fantastic Miss Moss, got me just a bit hot under the collar for all things digitally printed. Now, this love is most definitely not a recent thing (We Are Handsome anyone?), but through the amazing offerings at BumpDotI've had a rather large rush of love (my two favourites are up first).
Just take a moment now to bask in the love with me...

123, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


No sounds for this Sunday, I'm in a bit of a music drought this week and am basically just re-listening to a lot of the stuff I've already shared, and no one likes a double up... (except nickelodeon... anyone remember that? "double-up, double-up!")
I did make cake though, check it out! Aaand I totally got all up in the cream cheese icing genre, it was wonderful. However, note to self: remember next time as mother said, "ALWAYS line the cake tin douchebag!" (she didn't say douchebag, but I know she thought it...)

Abusive mothers aside, life in Brisbane was pretty great for me these past two days, the weather was AMAZING, and I got to explore the city a bit for the first time in a while, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did - bring on the next already!

Looking Back: Kananaskis

Evening! Just a quick look tonight at some more photos from my wonderful travel time in 2010...
So from Vancouver, where I didn't spend nearly as long as I should have, I travelled to almost the middle of nowhere - Kananaskis - it's basically just a ski slope, hotel and a bit of staff accommodation. A friend of mine was working the ski season there so I took the chance to go visit her, seeing as I was in the area/country. I actually got sick while I was there and spent most of my days sleeping (usually about 11 hours...), but it was pretty damn picturesque when I was awake - check it out!

a case of the blues...

So it's the second State of Origin related wishlist this week! And let's just say I am definitely not a fan of the outcome of the game, especially because our team suffered too many injuries at the hands of a dirty playing team! I'm sure us Queenslanders will have our revenge in a few weeks time... I hope you've all had a good week so far, aren't 4 day weeks the absolute sweetest thing? (in answer to myself - heck yes)

PS: Imagine what a lovely combo these three would make?
PPS: Hey Santa, did you know we have Christmas in July?

1. Custom Crochet Dress in Ecru 2. Rich Birch Ring, Swirls of the Deep Blue 3. Electric Blue Knit Blazer

a sunset mandala

Good evening! Did you all enjoy the long weekend? 
I have to say I was completely and utterly lazy, and I'm not even feeling that bad about it (not unusual, but still...). I've just been playing on my beloved laptop here, and I came up with this little sunset mandala, all made out of one photo - I'm thinking it's pretty fun yeah? The proportions aren't exactly equal and I'm sure I could tweak it further, but it's something I could work with in future creative endeavours... maybe? Turn it into a print? Put it on a shirt? Put it on a tote? Anyone have any suggestions? Not worth it? (Oh look at me, so unsure of myself!)

Local Love: Milatree

Gooood evening!
Who's psyched for the long weekend? Seriously, whoever invented long weekends needs a massive trophy and lots of cash - they really are one of the best things everrrrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, moving on!
So, you may or may not have noticed my rather sporadic motivation at the moment... and the fact that there has been a definite lack of Local Love. In the last installment, I vowed the love was back with a vengeance... well it seems I'm a liar guys, a complete Pinocchio if you will. So to make it up to you, I've brought back the love this week, with Milatree, a fresh and super inspiring etsy store.

Thanh, the wonder behind the work, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me - so pull up the quilt, make sure the tea is hot, and get stuck in!

What inspires you to create?
It can be anything. Sometimes it might be places I've travelled to, things I've seen, heard or a memory. For awhile I was quite obsess with origami which can be seen in a lot of my work at the moment. I also get inspired by other creatives and designers. 
Plus there's a real sense of joy and excitement in having a new idea and expressing it so others can
enjoy it too.

How did Milatree come about?
The name came about a few years ago. I originally used the name to display the work I did as a graphic designer, but now I feel like it's returning to what it was originally intended for, which is a label where I could have the freedom to create products I wanted to create with the Milatree ethos.

Apart from Milatree - what do you like to do with your time?
I work as a graphic designer so that takes up a bit of my time. I also like experimenting in the kitchen. I love the challenge of recreating a dish I enjoyed eating at a restaurant or trying out a new recipe. I am also quite guilty of spending way too much time on the internet (aren't we all?). It's great for reading and researching. It's my go-to resource to feed into my curiosity about the world. I just have to learn to switch off from time to time.

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years?
More well travelled. Still continuing with Milatree, but offering more interesting and sustainable products to a wider audience. I would love to have a nice place near the beach, where I could watch the sea sparkle in the sun, one can dream!

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
I'm really liking West End at the moment. There's a lot of interesting things happening there. My friend and I recently discovered this charming, gem of a bookstore called Avid Reader. They have the most interesting collection of books and the coolest journals. Plus there's even a cafe tucked away in the back of the store (bonus!).

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Wrapping up projects that I have been working on for awhile now. Launching the new Milatree website, which will be happening very soon so watch this space! As well as growing a new graphic design business with a friend called Creative Sense and the learning curve that comes with that.

I could almost have been interviewing myself there, Thanh sounds just like my twin! But seriously, on a purely selfish note - I wish I could pull my finger out and actually listen to what the wonderful girls of Local Love have been clearly demonstrating to me each week(ish)... Creative aspirations can be fulfilled, you just need to commit and be passionate, and Thanh is such a perfect testament to this - in the spirit of this weeks' jubilee, three cheers - hip hip... hooray! hip hip... hooray! hip hiiiip... hooraay!

I hope you all have a really fantastic long weekend and get to make the most of those precious days off from weekday life! Be sure to follow me on instagram (@cjjd) for the latest happenings (when I'm too slack to post)... Sometimes there's even interesting stuff going on - although most of the time, it's just food and flowers. 

I think I'm subconsciously trying to fight the winter this week, even though really, I actually like the cold - go figure! Happy Wednesday peeps!

Sunday Sounds: The Preachers

I'm currently loving these guys a bit at the moment. Check them out!

Yep, currently lacking motivation to type due to a swollen eyelid, nothing out of the ordinary really... I hope you all survive Monday!
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