No sounds for this Sunday, I'm in a bit of a music drought this week and am basically just re-listening to a lot of the stuff I've already shared, and no one likes a double up... (except nickelodeon... anyone remember that? "double-up, double-up!")
I did make cake though, check it out! Aaand I totally got all up in the cream cheese icing genre, it was wonderful. However, note to self: remember next time as mother said, "ALWAYS line the cake tin douchebag!" (she didn't say douchebag, but I know she thought it...)

Abusive mothers aside, life in Brisbane was pretty great for me these past two days, the weather was AMAZING, and I got to explore the city a bit for the first time in a while, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did - bring on the next already!

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