nothing but flowers


Floristry is getting all intense with my final assessment due tomorrow, so I'd thought I'd share with you a little sneak preview. I had a practice run today after buying up big at the flower markets and this  was the result (apologies blurry phone shot). I quite like it I think... I'm going for a bit of a hippy theme, so hopefully you can kind of get that vibe!?

I hope May was a good month for you all. Hopefully I'll be typing more frequently soon, but for now I'm off to finish off the assignment. Hurraaah.


So THIS is the reason I've been so absent of late.
If you feel so inclined, have a flip through, I made sure the pictures were kinda pretty! And if you feel like learning about flowers, go ahead, although I make no promises that the information is all correct...

And stay tuned, I've finally had time to do a drawing in the last few days that I'm super keen to share!


I hope things are good with you all! Lots of love suckers.

Sunday Sounds: Glastonbury 2013

It's just a quick update this eve due to the fact that my life is SO insanely consumed at the moment with this crazy huge assignment for my floristry course (it involves the detailed profiling of 45 cut flowers and foliage... it basically ssccreaams FUN right?). Eugh. Anyway.

Instead of linking to a particular artist this eve, I'm going to share a super special Spotify Playlist I've put together in preparation for my impending visit to... GLASTONBURY! Yes, you have read correctly. Cue the long days and festival flags...

Only weeks ago I was dreaming of going back, and now it is actually happening (!!) thanks to the resale, a decent dose of good luck and plenty of patience.

If time permits I'll hopefully be putting together some tees for my posse to wear and sell to my fellow punters, so stay tuned for another illustration! I'll be so excited when I can actually let myself sit down and do some scribbling so I will definitely keep you aaalll posted... but for now - it's back to tha flowaz.

Happy Monday in advance :)

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