Today I made: A Circlet of Flowers!

Good evening lovely people!

I hope you're last week of August has started off as well as mine! Things are progressing well for the next Daisy See Project (I'm getting quotes from lots of lovely fabric printers and stressing over fabric choices!) and tafe is really kicking along now... Check out what I did today, I've been wearing it all afternoon and have been feeling particularly girly!

Printspiration: Escapology for Top Shop

Evenin' pals! 

I have a bit of a fashion fix for you this fine Monday evening in the way of colourful digital prints, yay!

Scrolling through my inbox the other day I opened up one of the latest Top Shop mailouts to discover a treasure trove of printy goodness from the label Escapology. I love all the prints, anything digital and mirrored is basically my favourite thing right now, and this sort of stuff will definitely be featuring heavily in the next Daisy See Project! Get exciited!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and three cheers for the week ahead!

Smonday Sounds: The Lumineers

Guys! I'm back with one of my regular posts! How exciting! (Haha I use the term 'regular' quite loosely)

Now I mayyy be back into the swing of life after Glastonbury, but musically, I'm definitely still stuck there! This little ditty I'm sharing with you is one of my favourites by The Lumineers, it's such a great one to sing along to.... which is probably thanks to the simply worded and catchy chorus!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and soaked up the absolutely amazing winter weather Brisbane has been having lately.

Now on to the videooo (it's a nice acoustic sort of version filmed inside a bus!)

PS: The Daisy See Project II is officially in the planning stages! You can see the odd sneak peek over on Instagram - I'd love to hear what you all think so please do track me down: @cjjd

Happy Monday!
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