Local Lust: Amy Robson

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all well!

So I've realised that this eve's material longings are a bit out of the ordinary for me... As someone who's not big into accessories, when I find a 'gem' (pun totally intended) that makes an impression on me, it's usually pretty damn awesome... So you can see why I was weak at the knees after stumbling across the flawless work of Amy Robson. It's all just so elegant and modern!

PS: This is your cue to donate to my new initiative... Known simply as : The "I'm too poor for this awesomeness" fund.
PPS: Catchy name right?

Smonday Sounds: The Shins

Wow, so this is a VERY delayed post...
Due to a rather inconvenient power outage, and a mammoth Monopoly game, it seems these sounds are due to arrive on your Tuesday... how tardy of me!

Lateness aside, this little fella has been stuck in my head since the Hottest 100 on Australia Day, and I realised I hadn't shared it here... so here we are, the greatness that is The Shins and one of their latest musical endeavours... enjoy!

(and to my fellow Queenslanders: stay safe!)

Happy Australia Day!

I just thought I'd pop in a little patriotic well wish for your Saturday. I hope wherever you are you're having a great time and getting into all the nice things about today (in particular Triple J's Hottest 100).

Oh and I did a little drawing to celebrate!

Local Lust: Ginny & Jude Designs

Ahh, what a breath of fresh air! Tonight I'm lusting after the super super pretty creations by Ginny & Jude Designs. My particular favourite is this Peplum 'Heatwave' Blouse... seriously, anything with a boatneck has me completely giddy!
You all need to go now and check out the Etsy store, it's like a vintage dreamland!

PS: Can you hear the long weekend coming? It's nearly here people! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Straya Day?

Smonday Sounds: Alabama Shakes

See what I did there? Ha, yeah... I'm feeling pret-ty clever right now.

So these guys were my new musical discovery from yesterday's Big Day Out (the reason behind the ingenious title of this post). Although I didn't manage to see the whole set, from what I did see... woah that voice! Seriously, take me back to the deep south already!

Oh and as per usual, The Killers were simply awesome... AND they had FIREWORKS

I hope you've all had a great Monday!

Local Lust: Art by Chrissy

Good evening peeps! Welcome to the first installment of my new weekly feature!

As mentioned a few posts agoLocal Lust will be an opportunity for me to share some love for Brisbane creatives and their wonderful wares, whilst also getting rid of the whole 'me, me, me' vibe of the Wednesday Wishlists.

This week, it's this amazing cushion cover by Chrissy.
Seriously. Those Colours. The Patterns. That Symmetry!

I think you should all go drool over her etsy store right now. It is SUCH a visual FEAST.

Happy Blogiversary!

Wow, so who would have thought I'd last 12 months?! As a celebration I've done a little drawing this evening, it's a bit festive no?

Thanks to those of you that have stopped by in the past year and I really do hope you hang around, as these guys say, 'things can only get better!'

Sunday Sounds: Reptar

So it's the first Sunday Sounds for the year! And I owe this new discovery to my recent Spotify Premium subscription, I freakin love it. I used to be all over it in the UK, but had not had the funds to get on it yet... I'm so glad I finally did, it's been too long between drinks Spotify! So, unlike 2012, this year is going to be filled with so so so much more new music, and I can't wait.

This week it's a band called Reptar (Rugrats fans will recognise the name) who come from the US. I'm struggling to pick a favourite so if you enjoy the sounds below be sure to check out their other stuff, it's definitely some good fun!

Sweet dreams and have fun with Monday, after four days off I know mine is going to be extra tough!

Happy New Year!

Yes, so I maaay be 10 days late on the well wishes, but I figure better late than never right?! I hope you've all started the new year with a big bang of hope for what 2013 has to offer (I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the whole thing myself).

I've got a bit of study lined up for myself this year, and a brain full of new ideas for Daisy See, so I do hope you stick around! I can promise things are only going to get better my friends!

On the blog front, I'll be saying goodbye to the Wednesday Wishlists and instead replacing them with a nice little expansion on my long lost Local Love features. It's a simpler concept and focuses much less on ME (hooray!)... Each week I'll just be sharing the love for a few pretty things created by local artists. I'll be holding on tight to Sunday Sounds, because there is always something old or new that is worth sharing... what is life without music right?

On the Daisy See Project front, I'll be hopefully reprinting a few of the scarves, scribbling on some more sneakers as well as developing a range of pretty tops in pretty prints... plus whatever takes my fancy as 2013 goes on!

Thanks again to you all for following along and sharing the love, It's reciprocated ten-fold as always!
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