Happy New Year!

Yes, so I maaay be 10 days late on the well wishes, but I figure better late than never right?! I hope you've all started the new year with a big bang of hope for what 2013 has to offer (I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the whole thing myself).

I've got a bit of study lined up for myself this year, and a brain full of new ideas for Daisy See, so I do hope you stick around! I can promise things are only going to get better my friends!

On the blog front, I'll be saying goodbye to the Wednesday Wishlists and instead replacing them with a nice little expansion on my long lost Local Love features. It's a simpler concept and focuses much less on ME (hooray!)... Each week I'll just be sharing the love for a few pretty things created by local artists. I'll be holding on tight to Sunday Sounds, because there is always something old or new that is worth sharing... what is life without music right?

On the Daisy See Project front, I'll be hopefully reprinting a few of the scarves, scribbling on some more sneakers as well as developing a range of pretty tops in pretty prints... plus whatever takes my fancy as 2013 goes on!

Thanks again to you all for following along and sharing the love, It's reciprocated ten-fold as always!
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