Local Love: Hearsay Designs

Another day, another new feature (sit up straight, because this one should be pretty super!). Each week, I'm going to do my best to profile a creative force in Brisbane, because the word needs to be spread - we got talent in the streets of our town. It is almost like, since returning from overseas, I'm starting to see my hometown through a pair of freshly cleaned specs. And boy, it's exciting.

So to start it off, I am pleased to introduce Sarah Fallon, the lovely lady behind Hearsay Designs. Her up and coming accessories label offers a range of statement jewellery pieces, hair clips, tote bags and greeting cards. Personally, I really love the rope necklaces - they make such a creative, yet beautifully bold statement!

Now, as a bit of an aspiring creative myself (it's all talk really...), I couldn't resist the opportunity to find out a little bit more about Sarah and Hearsay Designs. Thankfully, she was more than willing to cooperate - I didn't even have to resort to blackmail OR violence!

What inspires you to create?
Lots of things really. Seeing something amazing someone else has created, it doesn't have to be jewellery, it just has to capture my imagination. Learning new techniques or finding new materials often gets me brainstorming new ways to apply them to my work.

How did Hearsay Designs come about?
I always wanted to make things, I just didn't know what. I tried greeting cards for a while but it wasn't the right fit. Then I saw some fabric button studs and remembered these hair clips I had from Sportsgirl that I always wanted more of. I figured I could make them so I did, then I made some earrings and I started selling them. Eventually, I came up with some necklace and bracelet designs as well, and now they're my favourite part of Hearsay. I love coming up with new pieces. 

Apart from Hearsay - what do you like to do with your time?
I draw, write, and blog. These things tend to slip through the cracks a lot of the time, but I love to do them. I keep a sketch book so whenever the mood takes me I can jot down a sketch, be it for a picture, or jewellery design. I keep two blogs, It's Just Hearsay, which is all about Hearsay, and Visions of Whimsy, which is an art blog I started a year ago. My passion for writing is probably the only one that equals my passion for Hearsay. I write fiction and fantasy short stories at the moment. I take regular writing courses and have a not so secret hope to be published one day. 

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years time?
I'd like Hearsay to have taken off. I'd like to have proper collections and ranges for my jewellery and have my work in stores. And I would love to do some collaborations, photo shoots and shows.

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
I love the Cultural Centre. I like going to exhibitions and shows and the Writer's Festival, but I also just like being there. I love the atmosphere of the place.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
I'm not very good at looking far ahead, so at the moment, I'm most looking forward to a new market I'll be selling at this Saturday. It's called Black Markets and is being held at Black Bear Lodge in the Brunswick Street Mall, Fortitude Valley. I'm also very excited for a whole lotta lovely, a fashion show that a friend of mine is having on April 17th at Kerbside Bar on Constance Street.

I highly recommend any Brisbanites reading this to check out the events Sarah mentioned, they look like heaps of fun - I know I'll be doing my best to get my arse to Black Bear Lodge! Also, be sure to visit again next week when I'll be gently harassing another Brisbane creative with more questions, I'm promise it'll be a riot.

PS: If you like what you see, hop on over to the Hearsay Designs etsy store between March 1st & 12th and you can get 20% off! All you need to do is enter the code HEARSAY20 upon checkout.

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