Hellooo people!

So my apologies to the three of you that were wondering where the wednesday wishlist is tonight as I've decided not to post about things I want, because in all honesty my head is filled with clouds... Plump, fluffy white things that don't want to make words. I made some new ones today at work... 'detalis' and 'decmeber' were my favourites... So yeah, my head is busy wondering what is on the wishlists of my family as opposed to what is on mine... so that combined with the cloud syndrome makes it awful hard to type right now... So imma 'gon cut it right here and get some zeds.

---------- but wait, IT'S A NEWSFLASH!
For those of you following on Facebook/Etsy I recently uploaded the four remaining pairs of sneakers! They're for sale rright now for a really pocket-friendly price! Get on it, and if you want a custom pair let me know, I'm more than willing to oblige.
newsflash OUT ---------- 

Now it's sweet dreams suckers and festive love to you all in this last week of Christmas!
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