Sunday Sounds: Jonathan Boulet

(that's a few iphone shots blended together from the show on friday)

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine saw a big room transformation as I moved back in to my newly floorboard-ed bedroom! I'm so happy to be rid of the disgusting carpet, and my fingers are so glad to be done with all that manual labour.
This Sunday eve it's all about J. Boulet. He is probably better known by his complete name - but I'm a rhyming fan. Aanyway, I was lucky enough to win some free tickets to see the man and his band play on Friday night, and I've been feeling a lot of love for his latest album ever since. The film clip is full of complete strangeness and slow motion explosions, which is kind of awesome (aside from the creepy blonde mannequin at the end, that's just plain freaky!). So have a listen if you haven't already, there is definitely a catchy tune or two to be heard! Good luck with the Monday-itis peeps :)

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