Sunday Sounds: Tall Ships

Heyheyhey! I simply can't believe I haven't posted about Tall Ships yet. They were a Hop Farm discovery last year thanks to a day of no one we really wanted to see and a shady (not slim) marquee. Their combination of sounds and rather dashing looks made for a delightful live show. And their music isn't half bad either. It's actually phenomenally great. Well... I think so, and you're not going to know if you don't press play below (woohoo! unexpected rhyme!).
Rhymes aside, I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine has been spent ticking things of to do lists and busy working away and my latest creative venture (if you could call it that...). Fingers crossed I can just continue to ride this wave of motivation. You can check out a brief peek here if you feel so inclined, it may just brighten your Monday... probably not though... I'd put my money on the boys from Tall Ships to do that.

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