...and good eeevening!
I'm feeling a 'oui' bit french this eve after returning home from the premiere of Monsieur Lazhar... and it was all thanks a bit of luck and the Weekend Edition! It was such a nice surprise for the middle of the week, and it definitely made me long for a trip overseas and all things French/Parisian. Aaaanyway, aside from that, I'm still obsessed with Gorman. Seriously, we are soulmates. I quickly stopped by this eve en route (oui oui! so french!) to the film, and now have my eye on a handful of things, I think I'm going to set up a Gorman fund, feel free to donate peeps.

1. Gorman Molly Wedge 2. Vintage Slouchy Sweater 3. Gorman Ashley Spot Dress 4. Karen Walker Eyewear 5. Red Heart Ceramic Ring
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