Introducing: the DAISY SEE project

Happy Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning everybody!
Yes, I know it may be a little too early for some of you for so much happiness, however I have a completely legitimate reason... So. Raise the curtain, cut the ribbon and smash that champagne peeps - after a few weeks/months of planning and preparation, I've decided to finally let my little part of the world wide web in on a bit of news...

I'm creating a collection of one-of-a-kind chiffon scarves! And I'm calling it 'the DAISY SEE project'! (but really, if all goes well, {and people don't use them as tea towels} it won't just be a one-off project... it will become all that is DAISY SEE... how poetic!?)
So yes, I've always loved doodling despite never being much of a pro-artist, and my motivation to translate all these scribbles into something a bit more fun (and the fact that you can really never have too many scarves) just bubbled over one day not long ago... So, get ready minions, for in the coming weeks DAISY SEE will cease to be just a few words and pictures on your screen... and will become something you can, like, totally accessorise with your latest outfit, or even just tie together to make a skipping rope.

I posted this sneak peek on Instagram last week when I had a strike-off print done, and now that the files have boarded their noble vessel (HMAS USB) and are en-route down south, I felt the time was right.

Be sure to follow herehere & here for all upcoming news. And for even more of the new DAISY SEE creative endeavours, be sure to visit the Suitcase Rummage this Saturday in Brisbane City. You may even be able to haggle yourself a good price for a pair of these babies (expert haggling not guaranteed).

PS: To those of you that have followed along so far, I'd like to just say a quick thank you - I really hope I can continue to call you my 'minions/peeps' for many years to come

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