the farmer wants a spring break

To those of you out there completely swept up in 'Farmer'... how great was tonight's episode!? That trash TV get's me so sucked in sometimes... you can't beat highly orchestrated situations for drama and excitement! Aaanyway, tomorrow is my Friday people, I'm super excited for (as dubbed by my super awesome pal) 'Spring Break 2012' (read: three day weekend at the coast seeing my favourite boy band play), let's just hope the weather holds out!
I'll stop flaunting now, I hope you're all having a great week! OH - and please do stay tuned re: the DAISY SEE project... it's just a tad in limbo due to a very busy month with birthdays, bridal showers, and a lack of confident hemming skills... but there will be movement at the station soon enough I promise! As always, you can keep up to date here & here!

1. Arabella Ramsay Crustacean Tee 2. Set of Skinny Bangles  3. Gorman Chinese Checkers Dress 4. Steve Madden Karroll Wedge 5. The Kimberly Bag

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