bridal shower inspiration

In preparation for my gorgeous cousin's upcoming 'Bridal High Tea' I've been all over Pinterest lately seeking out inspiration for pretty things to include in the festivities. So, based solely on the fact that it's all so pretty I've decided to share some of my favourites... and I can promise that I'll be sharing the final result right here in a few weeks time! Oh, and be prepared to marvel at my Aunty's amazing talents. She's handmade her own bunting already, stocked up on mason jars and she has vintage doilies spilling out of every nook and cranny - it's going to be so damn pretty!

Apologies for the image overload. It's all just so lovely (particularly that last one, it's quite close to the sort of thing we're going for I think!) PS: all images will be found through my Pinterest feed, if you spot an error let me know! 

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