it's a DAISY SEE project update!

If you're following on Instagram this will be old news. But to those of you that aren't as obsessed like the
rest of us (aka, me)... I have some news! After being rather busy the past few weekends having an amazing
time with friends and family, I've only just managed to get some time to practice hemming the chiffon for
the DAISY SEE project.

After a few goes on the sample fabric I decided to attempt hemming the real thing... It was nerve-wracking to say the least! After some careful cutting, slow sewing and a bit of heat-sealing using a tea light... the first scarf is fray resistant and ready to adorn my coat hanger (for now). As with anything I do, I can already see imperfections... But all in all I think it's starting to come together, so get excited peeps! In a few weeks time I should have them all done and ready to be officially launched on the unsuspecting scarf-less individuals of Brisbane. In the meantime, follow here, here and here for all the latest info!
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