The New South

Hey look! It's my weekly dose of materialism! And this week, I feel like there is a real context in my life for a wishlist, given my current location (Sydney's CBD). There are seriously shops everywhere here! I'm actually on top of Myer right now. No joke. So, given that I have really only allowed myself a couple of splurges (it was only a new razor, some girly nailpolish and a new book...), I'm very proud of myself at the moment, as it seems that despite the temptations, I have the power to resist the big spends - thanks to my Wednesday Wishlist (and my lack of wealth)!

1. Walton Wooden Wedges, Topshop 2. ASOS Lace Skater Dress 3. Navajo Printed Drop Earrings 4. The Patent Gladiator Sandal, Madewell 5. Bay Ave Engraved Geo Bracelet, Free People

PS: I have slightly re-styled the wishlist this week - those horrible rectangles were just a tad too much!
PPS: DAISY SEE is now on Facebook! I'd love it if you 'liked' it. I do!

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