Looking Back: Hawaii

Aloha! Welcome to the next installment of my reflective travel posts, and as you can see, this one is about my brief stop over in Hawaii.
Following my tour of Japan, en route to the US, I spent about 5 days in Waikiki. In reality it was more like 3 days, as I really didn't see much. In hindsight, it was probably due to some exhaustion, a bit of jet lag, and my love of the odd sleep in... Either way, it was still pretty great to briefly experience the island of Oahu. I will definitely need to go back to say that I have really travelled to Hawaii, becuase I know that I barely scratched the surface!
Anyway, here's a few of my amateur snaps. These ones aren't as good as those from Japan, because really, Waikiki is just a beach city, and to be completely honest, I didn't quite fall in love with the place... (this was probably due to the jet-lagged, zombie like state I was in while I was there!)

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