Feeling crafty - DIY Camera Strap

Good evening!

I thought I'd try get back on this blog thing and post a lil summin summin re: my latest urges to be crafty... For me these sorts of things always come in waves, and lately I find myself coming up with ideas and getting super excited about diy-ing a whole bunch of stuff.

Today I made this:

Definitely nothing fancy, but it gets me excited for my impending holiday and it was heaps of fun to endlessly browse vintage and woven trims on etsy for hours before I finally decided on one! I love my film camera (crazy cheap but awesomely faithful ebay purchase) and I'm really looking forward to having it within easy reach while I'm out and about in the Europes.

I basically used an old lanyard and connected it to the camera with a few jump rings then sewed the trim together at the ends after threading it though where the original lanyard went - it was not complicated at aaall and definitely does not warrant a tutorial (that's for dang sure).

In other news Society 6 have free shipping this week so you should all get on over to my page and buy summin! Who ever wants to pay for shipping anyway??
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