Local Love: Archella

So here we are again, the middle of the week... how's it travelling so far? Anyone in love with Brisbane's weather at the moment?! It's beyond beautiful. The long weekend was just awesome.
Funnily enough, it is quite nice to be reminded every now and then why Australia isn't half bad - it really does help with my London withdrawals!

Aaanyway, amazing weather aside, I'm here tonight to bring back the Local Love! And what a return it is! For your perusing pleasure this eve, I have a few words from the ever talented and big time etsy favourite Rachael Elizabeth. She is the brains and braun behind the up and coming Brisbane fashion label, Archella.
(psst... stay tuned for a DAISY SEE exclusive following the interview!)

Rachael's pieces show such promise in their whimsical and feminine simplicity, I really don't think I can gush enough... I love it all! And thankfully... she even had some time to answer my questions :)

What inspires you to create?
Often I am inspired by music. I might hear a song that I like and will come up with a whole collection inspired by the 'mood' and meaning behind the song. Aside from that, all sorts of things! I can be inspired by a fabric I find, or something I see on the street or in nature. Its kind of like many things coming together at once.

How did Archella come about?
I have worked a fair bit in the fashion industry for others, but I really just wanted to do something for myself and to be creative, thus Archella was born!

Apart from Archella - what do you like to do with your time?
Archella IS what I do with my spare time! Otherwise, I spend all of my spare time with my family. I have a little boy - so I like to spend as much time as possible with him. Oh and I watch a lot of TV :/

Where do you think you would like to be in a few years?
I'm not sure about a few years, i'm pretty happy with keeping things small for now. But maybe one day I will open a little store and sell Archella through that. We could have sewing classes and parties there too! Would you like to come? (YES PLEASE!)

Where is your favourite spot in Brisbane?
I really like Roma Street Park Lands. I like the lovely little cafe there, and its not too busy. Its a lovely place for children as well.

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Going on a cruise with my sister, my birthday, Oh and expanding Archella's online presence!

Speaking of - be sure to like Archella to keep up to date with the latest collections and news.

Aaanndd now, thanks to the lovely Rachael, I am able to offer you - my DAISY SEE posse - a super awesome, one week only, 10% discount in the Archella store! All you need to do is type 'Dreamer' into the 'Apply Shop Coupon Code' link located under the PayPal button :) 
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