My little sister is turning 21...

Yep, it's the inaugural post! And I'm kind of excited, and secretly hoping this will be one of the blogs I don't want to kill after a couple of years. Let's hope the fun and frivolity of the subject matter will be enough to support the occasionally weak words and ramblings!
So, let's talk about festive occasions, or simply, events. Aren't they great? Don't we all love a chance to come together and celebrate? Even the saddest occasions can be turned into and opportunity for celebration - and this is what I have come to realise in the past 2 years. Festive occasions are great, reeealllly great. And without listing all the different forms a fun time can take, it's still quite easy to understand that with the right outlook, every day we have something to celebrate!

So today we could say it's the inaugural post I'm celebrating, but it's not the kind of celebration that has oodles of media for me to share with you. So I'm going to look ahead.
My little sister is turning 21 in a few weeks. Yep, we're all grown ups now! And on a spur of the moment a few days ago, I offered to design her invitations. I'm no pro, but it is fun to play in InDesign occasionally. She hasn't decided if she will be having a theme, or any particular decoration scheme (as far as I know), so I wanted to keep it as fun and 'party time' as possible, to set her apart from the standard black/gold/silver/white 21st invitations you see going around these days. They are classic I know, but she just has a bit too much silly in her to suit an invitation like that. So I went nuts, not completely crazy, but I'd like to think I captured the fun of the occasion.

Now we haven't sent them off to the printers, and we'll probably just take it to the local officeworks. She's going to do that part herself, so I just pray she gets a high gsm uncoated paper with a non-glossy finish. I think something like this definitely needs a bit of matte!
So what next? Well, knowing her, nothing will be decided yet and it will all be last minute. But now that I've done the invitations I definitely have a hand in the proceedings.
If I had my way we'd have a lot of this going on:
Yep, I'm a big colour fan. So let's see what happens. If given free reign and plenty of cash I'll be hitting up etsy like nobody's business. Otherwise, we'll make do and I'll take photos to upload here of the final product. I'm sure there will be an update on the printing expedition shortly.

So I guess this is the end of the inaugural post, fear not, I'll probably be posting about a few music festivals by the end of today. There's one I have the power to attend, just not the funds, so let's just see how that drama unfolds...

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